Murrieta and Temecula, CA – Real Estate Home Buying Tips – Part 1

Buying a Temecula or Murrieta home in a buyer's market can actually be very challenging for all the exact reasons you might think it will be easy. Remember the goal is to get the best home that meets your goals and represents the best investment for your family. What are some of these buyer market benefits?- Ultra high supply of home listings- Good ability to negotiate price and terms- High competition between sellersNo matter how you slice it those bullet points are a great thing for buyers, Read more [...]

Tips When Buying Real Estate for Commercial Purposes

A commercial property can be a very good investment since it would let you earn money twice as much compared to the money that you can make when you buy a residential property. Therefore, if you want to know whether you are making a wise decision or not, here is a couple of real estate buying tips if you want to purchase a commercial property. • Check out some real estate buyers guide magazines so you can see the right commercial property that would fit your needs. It is important that the Read more [...]

Real Estate Agent Sales Skills That Actually Push Prospects Away

Sales Questions Can Be a Form of ManipulationA salesperson needs to be asking questions that don't carry any odor of manipulation. Manipulation can be very subtle, and it often has to do with timing.For instance, suppose you're holding an open house, and a prospect walks in. He's friendly, so you strike up a conversation. You ask him how long he's been looking, does he have a Realtor, when does he want to buy, etc. He's answering all of your questions, so you then ask, "Would you like to get Read more [...]